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this is literally the worst thing that has ever happened to me this motherfucking trapinch has the arena trap ability which prevents escaping and switching and none of my moves can do anything to it so i hAVE TO WAIT FOR HIM/THE SANDSTORM TO KILL ME OH MY GOD IM LKIKE 27 LEVELS HIGHER THAN HIM

If it was a Nuzlocke, I’d have thrown the console out of the window. Especially since Manectric is one of my favourite Pokémons. D:

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Here is all the notable members of Team Great Rocket, the antagonistic team from Pokémon Card GB2, the Japan-only sequel to Pokémon Trading Card Game on the Game Boy Color.

From the top to the bottom :

- King Biruritchi (or Vilrich if romanized), the boss of Team Great Rocket

- Kanzaki and Rui, Vilrich’s bodyguards

- Ishii, the Leader of the Colorless Altar

- Hiderō,  Leader of the GR (Great Rocket) Fire Fort ; Catherine, Leader of the GR Lightning Fort ; Kamiya, Leader of the GR Fighting Fort ; Kanoko, Leader of the GR Water Fort, Morino,  Leader of the GR Grass Fort and Mami,  Leader of the GR Psychic Stronghold.

Next to their names are the Coins one obtains when they beat the corresponding character (Vilrich has to be defeated twice to obtain his coin). Also, each opponent have 3 different faces in this game : a neutral face, a negative and a positive ones.

I hope there will be more love for this obscure villainous team in the future. They need more recognization !


Ugh…apparently the teleportation pads in the base are bad for the baby, so now I have to take the stairs everywhere.

This is bullshit!

You can always ask Bronzong to make you levitate over the stairs, but :

1/ This doesn’t sounds practical, in the sense that this Pokémon takes up a lot of space.

2/ I don’t even know if it is capable of that on other life-beings than it.

Another music mashup of mine, this time is the Johto Champion Battle (better known as “Vs. Red”) from Pokémon Gold / Silver / Crystal with its Pokémon Black 2 / White 2 counterpart. Making the mashup was hard because the latter kept delaying itself from the original song, forcing me to speed up specifics parts at at a specific setting. The result is worth it, and your ears can’t deny that :D

The Awkward Bladed Duo!: Dancing Breloom


Ermac: *nods, folding his floating arms over themselves as he agrees with the Breloom* //The capped lad is right, my dear Bouquet~ Even if it’s something that you can’t help, that doesn’t mean you NEED to let it slow you down! So chin up a little, yes?//

Jessamine: *she winces a little as both men try to reassure her. Even though she’s completely aware that they’re both trying to make her feel better and try to get her to think more positively, she still can’t help but feel as if she’s being scolded somehow. As such, her shoulders end up slouching somewhat, muttering pathetically to herself*

… hn…? *she lifts her head up as she’s told to sit next to Ermac, using the raised rock that he brought forth for her. Feeling like she can’t do anything else, the Roserade simply nods and rests herself on the warm, rough-ish stone surface, her legs pressed together as she looks up at Esteban*

… u-uh… okay…

Ermac: *he claps his hands twice* //Very well!// *the Porygon-Z faces Breloom properly and floats only a few inches above the ground next to Jessamine, evening the audience level for Esteban*

//Now then, exhibit your talent, master Esteban! Dazzle us, I say!//

*Esteban sighs as he sees Jessamine sitting on the rock. He knows that constantly trying to reassure somebody is going to make the matter worse. The Breloom then nods to Ermac and proceeds to get himself ready.*

"Uno… Dos… Uno, Dos Tres !"

(( since I’m bad at narrating a dance, I suggest you watch this clip to get the idea of what he does : 

Yes, it’s lazy for me to do that D: ))

*However, a minute after the beginning of the show, a small rock is thrown at the head of the Mushroom Pokémon, making him loose the rhythm. Esteban looks in the direction the rock has hit him*

"Who is the hijo de puta that did thi- O___O"

*The Mushroom Pokémon is extremely shocked about what he’s seeing : his 3 Breloom brothers he once left are in front of him. The first one is juggling with a small rock, the second has a scar on his left eye and towers the trio with his higher height and the last one, who’s the youngest, is crossing his arms, with a Mean Look on his face.*

(( For the sake of convenience, the conversations between Esteban and his brothers will be in english instead of spanish. I’ll use a different way of writing dialogues to distinguish each brothers. ))

Eldest : "At last we’ve found you, Esteban. We’ve been expecting to find you fighting other Pokémons, but instead we see you perform that dumb dance which, supposedly, made you feel better."

Esteban : "But… But… How did you.. ?"

Rock Juggler : "How did we find you ? It was simple : we asked somebody to give us directions. *smirks* That cowardly Bisharp sure was cooperative, wasn’t he little bro ?

Youngest : *serious face*”It was in his best interest to cooperate. I know he has a quadruple weakness to the Fighting-type, but I don’t get why he was so scared that he went to hide in a bush nearby.”

Eldest : "It doesn’t matter, Pedro. Now that we’ve found Esteban, the family is reunited to become the greatest fighting group in the world of combat. *walks towards the tap-dancing Breloom* Come on now, Esteban. Don’t be shy towards your own broth-“

Esteban : "I’m not going with you. I despise fighting and you know it."

Eldest : "Now, now. You are only blinded by that awful dance of yours. *picks Esteban’s arm and pulls him* Come on, all you need is a good combat training."

Esteban : *tries to pull away from the grip* “I said I won’t go with you guys, now let go on my arm !”

((Well, that was long.))

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